D-HILL SDN BHD is a wholly owned subsidiary and the property arm of KNUSFORD BERHAD. Owning about 200 acres of land in KAJANG PERDANA, D-HILL SDN BHD plays an important role as the main developer of the township. Its development business started in 2002, when Executive Director Tan Sri Dato Lim Kang Hoo envisaged Kajang’s potential of being the next urban destination, decided to form the company to develop the land in KAJANG PERDANA. He is also the Executive Chairman of Ekovest Berhad, and director of another few private limited companies such as Danga Bay Sdn Bhd and Iskandar Waterfront Sdn Bhd. With his leadership, the company has had some successful stories where some of the properties were all sold out within days after launching.

KAJANG PERDANA is now a well established township and still growing. In 2008, with the presence of the new CEO of KNUSFORD BERHAD, Mr Lim Keng Cheng (also holds directorship in Ekovest Berhad, Danga Bay Sdn Bhd and Iskandar Waterfront Sdn Bhd), the group began with a rebranding campaign. Property development is no stranger to Mr Lim. As part of his rebranding plans, D-HILL SDN BHD plans to launch a series of new developments integrated with modern designs and concepts that will suit the need of the new community in Kajang. D-HILL SDN BHD is committed to deliver the best of quality and yet a competitive price to the customers!

D-HILL SDN BHD aims to become a renowned developer in Malaysia and continue to grow its business not only within Kajang with the spirit of constructing quality and yet affordable homes and buildings.